Getting lenses put into vintage frames

 Since discovering the joy of wearing vintage frames (so that I can see!) over the years, I have collected a tad of a collection of them.

I get asked about my glasses regularly, and am often asked a few of the same questions.

Are my glasses 'real'? Yes, I have lenses in them to help me see. I wear them constantly. I used to wear contact lenses as well, but after a big infection from them I've had a break, and rely on glasses 100%.

The frames are vintage. I buy them from a variety of sources, for a variety of prices. Some are charity shop, or market stall. Some are ebay or online. Some are from specialist sellers. 

How do I get my lenses put in? I currently tend to use but have used Specsavers in the past too. I Need Spex is a postal service, and Specsavers is my local branches. You can never guarantee that all vintage frames will survive the process (I've lost some along the way), and this isn't always the fault of the optician. They're having to apply heat to very old plastic, sometimes its just too brittle. You have to accept the gamble.

If you have to wear glasses, you may as well love them. They cover up your face, and form such a part of your style. I do plan to start wearing contacts again one day, but always love to return to my glasses. I enjoy them now, whereas at 18 I hated the fact I needed to start wearing them.

This crazy morning face shows off my newest frames, which I actually bought in Vegas in April. I sent them off finally to ineedspex and I've been wearing them almost every day since!