Getting an Angelique Houtkamp Tattoo...finally!

 Having been a fan of Angelique Houtkamp for years (I interviewed Angelique as an awesome business woman and I've also bought a limited edition Angelique print) I had wanted to get a tattoo from her but Amsterdam always felt too far away!

Yesterday I finally flew out there! I got up at 4:30am, flew out from Luton airport, and arrived in Amsterdam safe and sound, after a lot of coffee. 

I walked around the city for a bit, and eventually found the studio - Salon Serpent.

Being surrounded by so much awesome tattoo flash was certainly inspiring! Angelique had designed mine in advanvce, so no decisions on the day, apart from the size and the confirming the colours.

I'd brought a book and was determined to finish it in the day I had travelling, so I settled in and got reading!

 It was very cool to be surrounded by so many designs I'd seen and loved in photographs!

 So here she is, my Las Vegas show girl.


I flew home, and I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home, but well worth the trip I reckon!