An open letter to Garnier - you need to do fucking better than this

I'm struggling to visualise the agency meeting that signed this campaign off, but I'm going to have a little go. 

"Guys, guys. We need a Garnier International Women's Day thing. You remember the Dove thing from ages ago? You've seen the recent L'Oreal campaign? Yeah something like that. We're starting to feel the weight of responsibility that comes from being one of the billion dollar companies that shapes and defines beauty standards. We need to show we get it, you know. Great, great. Yeah, like a hashtag. That shows we stand for something that matters. What was that? We are women? Fuck yes. We are women. We're literally all women. Let's do that. Inclusive messages are critical these days. Let's do that."

There's been such a turn of the tides recently, we expect more from these massive companies now. We expect them to at least try. To least offer a small level of balance from the bullshit that tells women they are never enough. They are never ok as they are.

But this example from Garnier is frankly embarrassing isn't it? I get it, no one can get it perfect every time, but this is Garnier. They have money, and teams, and agencies to get this stuff right. To be better. If the image was just a stand alone, fine, whatever, it look likes so many other forgettable beauty images. But look at it, paired with the messaging. We are women. It's a political stance, attempting to prove that they're more than a beauty brand, that they're on our side. That they have a reason to speak up on International Women's Day. But what a fucking pretty narrow vision of 'women' they hand up to us. Back the eff off.

We're over this Garnier, and we expect better from you. You need to be fucking better now. The world is moving on, and your team of creatives need a stern talking to. This simply isn't good enough anymore. You need to lead from the front. You also probably need to hire a more diverse team to manage this shit. This needed calling out, and your agency/team dropped the ball.