Gabby Young and Other Animals at Koko (Camden)

Last night I was invited to a Bloggers' Event at a Gabby Young and Other Animals gig. Firstly, let me warn you that I don't really ever go to live music events, but she is a lady who intrigues me so off I went!


Here I am posing cheesily with a G quickly disappeared after the picture was taken!


Gabby started the night in a white and black dress, which I loved. Her hair was almost sculpture like, and it looked stunning. I wish she had worn some beautiful shoes to compliment the fab dress.

I loved the brass instruments, and the songs that really allowed them to shine were my favourites I think. At one point there was also a choir on stage, and the sound was stunning.


Gabby has a voice that is a mixtue between Kate Nash and Florence and the Machine. That is as musical as my description gets! The music has a nice ska feel through out.

The only bit I really didn't like were some 'swing dancers' (note the inverted commas there) who came out while Gabby changed into this blue number (I personally preferred the first outfit by far!). Perhaps I have seen too many swing dancers, or too high of a standard of swing dancers, but I found them hard to watch. They could clearly dance.....but lacked the style of swing dancers. I cringed.


The crowd adored her, and she certainly makes an effort with her staging, costumes and direction. Gabby has one of those voices that I was convinced her recorded voice would perfectly match her live voice. 

The song that stood out for me, had this simply delicious banjo sound running through it, and I found it on youtube and it has a cute video too.

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