Friday 13th Tattoo - at Prick!

There is a tradition amongst some tattoo shops of providing a set of Friday 13th flash which they will tattoo for £13 on a Friday 13th. Considering I only just got a new tattoo in Las Vegas, I wasn't directly setting out for the day to get one. However......

I got the Rockalily Cuts salon keys today! So as a bid to start knowing the local businesses in my new community I popped into the local tattoo shop - Prick!

Prick! is owned and run by Henry Hate, who has tattooed people like Amy Winehouse, Alexander Mcqueen and Boy George), and despite his name, Henry was lovely!

I asked if they were doing Friday 13th tattoos, to which they said no, but after chatting for a while, Henry said that Stewart O'Callaghan could do one for me. Yey!

Stewart is an apprentice at Prick! and we enjoyed quite a natter! He has come to tattooing via academia, and also has a reading tattoo (mine are my knuckles, his is a quote meaning 'we are what we read'). We both also like music that doesn't automatically suit what we look like. 

They also gave me a fabulous tote bag - 'Ink Whore', and I do love a tote. 

So, if Prick! is in my local community, I am finally disclosing where Rockalily Cuts actually is!