Frezyderm Review - my Bali suncare was sponsored by Frezyderm!

Frezyderm review

I recently saved hard to have my first holiday in 3.5 years, and flew off to Bali. I've got very pale skin, tons of freckles and tattoos, so sun protection was a top priority. 

I was lucky enough to be gifted a whole range of Frezyderm products, who are known for their award winning Velvet Face SPF 50. I've been using the Velvet Face since the summer, over my daily moisturiser, and under my make-up, so I was keen to explore the rest of their vast range!

1. I tried the Velvet Face Color SPF 50 for the first time with trepidation. Having such pale skin means the idea of a one tone suits all scared me off. Even a squeeze on the back of the hand is a little intimidating - it looks dark! However, I ended up using this every single day in Bali, and going make-up free during the day. Once rubbed in, it gave me a lovely light coverage, as well as providing the sun protection I needed. I didn't burn my face once!

2. We used 3 different body sun lotions; Seaside Dry Mist, Sun Screen Velvet Body, and Sun Screen Body (all SPF 50). The Seaside Dry Mist was awesome for being out and about - it can be applied on wet skin and the spray made applying it super easy. I liked using the Velvet Body for days when I'd be wearing clothing, as the fact that is was clear meant it was better to avoid those white marks/yellow stains. 

3. As an aftersun we used the Anti-Thermal Water Mist, which we must have loved a little too hard as we broke the spray, but after some wrestling we managed to get in to the sweet sweet juice manually.

Suncare is always something one should invest in, and Frezyderm have certainly nailed high quality and high functioning sun protection. Both me and B said we'd have paid for it. High praise indeed.