Freya Active and DC trainers - new gym gear

I was lucky enough to be sent some new sports wear for my gym and/or running....yey! So tonight was my first trial of them. I've not been at the gym recently (although I did run my first 5k and trial a new fitness class) as I've had too much of a social I was very pleased to have an evening free to get back to the gym.

Freya Lingerie sent me an outfit from their Active Performance range - the sports top (£56) and the sports pant (£42). The sports top has a bra built into it, and Freya reckoned I'd be a 30FF (I usually wear a 34DD) and size S in the pant.

The pants are my first proper running pants, and oh gosh I loved them. Running in them was fabulous. The downside was I felt a little exposed in my groin/bottom area (!) so I added on an extra layer (a Flaming13 vest that was gifted to me for the gym earlier in the year to cover my bits and I felt much better!

The bra top was tight, being a 30 of course, but again, gosh running in it was amazing. My boobs barely moved. It has an underwire so doing floor exercises like sit ups were a bit uncomfortable, but for running.....very awesome. Loved it.

I was also sent these trainers by DC which are super light, and perfect for the gym. They weren't great for running at first, but I loved how light they are for the rest of my workout. Perfect for lifting and stretching. However, since wearing them in, I love running with them. Been running faster and faster!

Overall - a success! Was pleased to get back to giving my physical body some attention, and loved having some new gear to try!