Foster cat updates - 2 of the little guys at once

foster cats london update

A double dose of cat updates for you lucky lot. Corbyn, the shyest little boy, went to a wonderful home, with a new cat pal, and a very understanding cat owner. I’ve been getting updates, which is amazing, and when I got a pic from night two of Corbyn curled up on a human lap, I knew he was in a great place.

Sadly, not so joyous for Jerry the foster cat.


Jerry was adopted maybe 4 months ago, and I’d enjoyed his updates too. I discovered today though that the owner was returning him to the charity :-(

The owner rents their home, and had permission to have a cat. Now the landlord needs the property back, and the owner is now moving to a cat-free property. This is often why some charities won’t allow adoptions to renters, as situations can change so much. It’s also why I fostered, as I knew I couldn’t commit longer term.

I’m really sad, and disappointed for Jerry. He’ll now have to return to fostering, and then a new home, which is a lot of changes in a short space of time.

Poor wee mite.