Foster Cat Corbyn - The Invisible Room Mate

corbyn the foster cat

Let me introduce my latest foster cat; Corbyn. He's been here 19 days and officially has the crown for the most invisible cat I've ever cared for. He still will not come out from under the bed.

His owner sadly died, and Corbyn was living alone for a while, being fed by kind neighbours. The neighbours were going on holiday, and were worried about who would care for Corbyn. I was advised ahead of time that he was a super shy cat, but friendly, so I wasn't surprised when he tried to run away from me, pretty much as soon as I opened the cage. My heart broke a little as he tried to get under the wardrobe, which is far too small, so it just resulted in him bashing his head against it in panic a few times. Sob.

foster cat corbyn

He then found the open wardrobe, and hid there for a few minutes before scooting off under the bed. Where he's lived for almost 3 weeks since.

Corbyn comes out when I'm asleep, he eats a bit, and he uses the litter tray. He rolled in some catnip one night I left it out, but ignored it from then. I've bought a Feliway plug to try and relax him, but so far, no improvement. He's even received distance reiki.

It's so hard, because he needs time, but time just feels so sad, and of course the dream foster cat is one who gives some fun and joy in return! I haven't given up hope at all, but he breaks my heart a little each day, as I think of him, all sad and lonely under the there.

I hope he starts to feel safe, and that he'll edge out to investigate soon.


ETA - At the 3.5 week mark I decided to reduce his hiding spot, and by the turn of week 4, he was snuggled up to me in bed. He now sleeps ALL night with me, as the little spoon. What a turn around!