Forcing your brain to have a break

As I'm sure other small business owners can empathise with, it is near impossible to switch off your brain from thinking about work. It can get pretty exhausting, I adore it, but still can feel pretty exhausted. On the bus I'm reading a business book, or listening to a busines podcast. At home I'm watching business tv shows, and when I hang out with friends I'm talking business strategies. Even on holiday to Vegas, 80% of what I did was linked in some small way to my business. Even when I'm not actually doing something for my business, it's always ticking away in my mind. I may take an afternoon off, but then stay up to 3am working on something again. Don't get me wrong, I love my career path, and get really inspired by business and motivation, but I definitely feel I sometimes feel a bit burnt out.

I am trying to view breaks in the same way people who lift weights do. If you lift weights, the important bit for your muscle definition is during the rest period, when your muscle repairs itself. If you worked out the same muscle group over and over, it would never get a chance to build, grow and improve. I am going to imagine that our brains work in the same way. You know when you are fighting to remember something, and you only remember it when you stop trying - that's the brain growing at rest!

Yesterday I attempted to force my brain to stop.....I half succeeded. I took myself, my dog and some grapes to the park to enjoy the sunshine for 45 minutes. Now, I failed by choosing a business book (the story of Jimmy Choo the brand) but I did stay off thinking about my own business, and did enjoy some bonding time with the dog.

It's something I'm working do you force your brain to have a break?