Food, Diets and How We Feel About Ourselves

Food can be delicious, moreish, disgusting, shocking, warming, filling, soothing and a million more adjectives depending on the type, the weather, your mood or the chef!

The power that food can wield over us is fascinating. It can cheer us up when we are low; amuse us when we are bored; remind us of fond (or not so fond) memories; give us energy, or allow us to break bread with friends. Yet so many people (and I would predict more women than men) can feel somewhat prisoners to food. 

If they've had a 'good' day, or a 'fat' day can completely change moods, and affect how they feel about themselves. 

Just as we can reward ourselves with food, we can similarily punish ourselves with it.  

Personally, I feel a tad sorry for my body. I don't eat enough good things, I survive on pasta, cheese, biscuits and cake pretty much! I have recently started eating some super-food salads for lunch, in an attempt to get some nutrients into my system!

I have stopped feeling guilty about food, but perhaps I now reward it too much!