Exante Diet - A food replacement system?

exante diet review

Crash diets. I'm not sure I could imagine writing a more contentious review. But I'm up for the challenge. Exante Diet is a meal replacement system, based on a very low calorie diet. They offer a 600 calorie a day diet, a 700-1000 calorie a day diet, and and a 1200 a day diet. I would never have considered looking at a calorie restricted diet, as it doesn't fit in with how I feel about healthy eating. But I was offered the chance to try some for a review, so I said, sure, I'd love to explore the concept further.

exante review

They sent some food for me and B, my boyfriend, to try, and as we sometimes meet for lunch on a work day, we decided to tuck right in for an Exante lunch. I went for a curried sweet potato soup. I glanced at the ingredients, and was pleasantly surprised. We hadn't expected them to be so recognisable. They are all food

exante calorie diet review

The foods all seem to be enriched with protein, and I was pleased when I compared the nutritional values of Exante soups with regular soups. They could be an interesting food option for people looking to introduce extra protein into their diet. The soup was nice, not at all like 'diet food'. Thick and tasty.

cookie diet bar review

The Cookies and Cream Bar was like a dense, yummy protein bar. If you were attempting a low calorie diet, this could in theory be a whole meal for you. It could also just be a protein boost while working out. We enjoyed splitting it as a dessert. 

I am not one to advocate a 600 calorie diet, however these food options are an interesting option as an add in. They're nutritionally rich, heavy in protein and seem to based in real food. They're really reasonably priced, and I can imagine some of their ready meals or soups being a useful quick lunch for a busy person. We have been surprised so far at the quality of the food, and by the high level of protein. We'd definitely eat more of it, and will keep trying some more of the food sent to review.