Fleur and Emerald's Halloween bash - Don't Dali with the Devil


Fleur De Guerre and Emerald Fontaine put on another fabulous bash at The Fox, and I was the girl on the door you had to charm or pay to enter. In a bizarre twist (which is another story), I did the same, at the same event last year.

This year, sadly I didn't attempt a costume. I didn't have much time to take many photos, but there were many people with expensive cameras snapping away, so hopefully there should be lots popping up online.

The first review of the evening was Red Legs in Soho and luckily she took lots of lovely snaps. I feature twice in her blog post - can you spot me?

I have borrowed the picture she took of me (and edited slightly), to at least show you the new pink hair. Please do check out her blog to see her other snaps. Lots of regular vintage faces to spot! All other photos are mine (phew!).

 What I love when working on the door at events like this is that you can spot most of the guests as they walk down the road! Tell-tale clues are hats (both male and female), skirt length and good shoes. It must have been the one of the best dressed Halloween events around!


The event reminded me (as if I ever forget!) how much I love social networking. It gave me a chance to meet many faces/names I 'knew' from the world of twitter or facebook. It is always weird to meet 'strangers' when you feel you know part of them already. Social networking truly meets its potential when it comes away from the screens and into real life.

As I was working I didn't get to see the burlesque or poetry readings, and I missed the band. Hopefully other folk will post details about them elsewhere soon.

As an aside, while on the door, I saw a fire engine coming slowly up the road. Only as it closer did I realise it was a 'Fire Engine Limo', with 'Blazing Squad' printed across the window. Words failed me and still do.