Flamingo Amy at Rockalily Styles - amazing vintage hair styling

I'm excited to have our first guest hairstylist at Rockalily Styles (our blow dry and styling bar a few doors down from the main salon Rockalily Cuts) - the bleedin' fabulous Flamingo Amy.

Despite having never met Amy, she's one of the online people who I feel like I know, having chatted online for years, and her work has always blown me away.

She has worked for brands such as Tatty Devine and Tara Starlet, and people like Gizzi Erskine, William Vintage and Vogue Italia.com.

It's been pretty tricky finding a date that we could arrange, as Flamingo Amy is a busy lady, but we finally settled on Saturday October 18th, so if you fancy the opportunity to have Amy style your hair in London (she works in Norwich) then do book in asap to avoid disappointment.

Amy specialises in vintage hair naturally, but definitely has a beautiful knack for 20s and 30s hair, if you've ever fancied trying that for a special occasion.

Amy says: "I love my job as I am always doing something different and it's great to help someone feel amazing for a night out or other event and this is when I find my job the most satisfying. I am really excited about guesting at Rockalilly and have followed ReeRee's journey with the salon (and her lipstick brand before that!) from the beginning. I can't wait to bring my own style of hair-up to East London."

And we'd love to see you there!