Fitness goals for 2015 (two years on since sticking to my resolution in 2012)

We're edging into 2015, so its time to sit back and take stock. Resolution time!

Two years ago I wanted to get healthier, fitter and I ended up liking being a bit smaller too.

Two years on, and I'd say I'd slipped somewhat, but not terribly so. Enough that I want to push myself again this Jan, but not so much that I feel bad about it. 

My life got a bit busy, and the initial buzz from fitness and weightloss always wears off a little. In the last 6 months or so, I'd say I'd lost my drive, and I want to reclaim it.

So, heading into Jan 2015 I want to get fitter again. I want to finish creating the body I'd started. I know what to do, and I know it works. It's time to put my body first again. I guess I'll have to do another before picture, for another after pic!

If you're looking to use January as a time to spring board into weight loss and/or fitness here are

3 of my top tips:

1. Take 'before' pictures. Don't show anyone, but they're such a great motivational tool. You may not think your body is changing at all, but a quick comparison will prove otherwise.

2. Dont weigh yourself. It's a pretty vague way of tracking your progress. Our weight fluctuates from morning to night, week to week (with hormones) and with water loss/gain. If you want more than photos, measure yourself with a tape measure. It is very possible to get smaller but gain or maintain weight.

3. Focus on eating for fuel and nutrition. Don't pay attention to the foods you'll be cutting out, but on all of the goodness you'll be adding in. You're not denying yourself, you're enriching and feeding your body.