First Dates - What are your red flags?

I was talking to a friend today about a recent date I'd been on, and I was struggling with a red flag that had popped up already. Dating red flags are different for most of us, but it's pretty useful to acknowledge and understand your own, to save yourself in the long run!

One of my warning signs is the taking of recreational drugs. I don't have a political opinion on them, and I don't really mind what adults do in their own time if they're not hurting anyone, but on the whole, as a 31 year old grown up, I tend to choose to not have drugs in my life. Could I ever date someone who used drugs sometimes? Perhaps if it was once or twice a year, sure, but as a regular thing - no.

My friend said that despite not taking drugs herself, she didn't mind that her boyfriend did. However, she could never date anyone who ate meat. Whereas I'm a vegetarian, but don't mind if my dates eat meat or not.

Just goes to show, that we all have our own red flags. I actually went on a date earlier this month where he confessed to me his university nickname was 'Dyson'. Needless to say, we didn't go on a second.