Firebox told off for rude mug - what does it mean for other sellers of naughty words?

Twat Plate on Etsy

Who doesn't love a cheeky swear word on a plate?

Dickhead card - Etsy

Who doesn't love a naughty birthday card?

Fuck You rings - Etsy

Or showing the world how you really feel with a piece of rude jewellery?

Unt mug from Firebox

This UNT mug (with a C handle) from Firebos has however caused quite a storm today with the advertising standards agency. The ASA recieved one single complaint, after someone saw it on the front page of the Firebox website. The ASA considered the sales listing an 'ad' and therefore subject to advertising guidelines.

The ASA ruled that offensive material need prominent warnings to potential viewers.

What does this mean for other online companies who sell us objects with rude items on? They couldn't advertise these items in print, or on billboards, are website home pages any different? Should they be tucked behind adult warnings and age-restrictions?