Finding your motivation (business and fitness)

Since January I have been trying to get fitter and stronger but sometimes life gets busy, and I went away to Vegas for Viva Las Vegas 16, so my gym habit had run away from me somewhat.

It's always hard returning to the gym after a couple of weeks away as it can be a bit depressing to see how your body has come two steps back in progress. However, I treated myself to some new itunes running tracks, and off I went.

This tune, on repeat, gave me my love back for the gym. It also made me reflect on something else. How sometimes we just need a new running track (or the metaphor of a running track) to get us going again.

So if you're struggling with motivation for your business, or your blog, or just life in general, how can get your mojo back?

1. Music. Music can help if you've been putting off tidying your house, or are dreading the gym. It can also help get you ready for a scary job interview, or if you're finding it hard to get up in the morning.

2. Changing the location - I get really productive when I take my laptop to a coffee shop to work, and so I make sure I do it all the time. And it still works! It means I don't have the tv on in the background, or get distracted by silly things online. If you're stuck in a fitness rut, perhaps try a new class or piece of equipment? I used to be fearful of running on the treadmill, but now I love my little warm up run.

3. Set yourself a smaller target. Achievement is very motivating, and if your goals are too large, you may just never get to feel the sense of reward. I felt pretty kick arse last night because I ran faster/longer than I have before. 

I could have pushed further, but the small target was enough to feel awesome. Not every achievement has to be big to feel good.

4. Hanging out with the right people. I have people who I know just get me in the right mindset, and we often message each other for a 'business meeting' just to remotivate each other again. Being with positive, driven and 'yes' people gets me in the mood each and every time.

5. Taking a break. A proper break. When visiting the gym the important stuff in your body happens on your rest period, and I reckon this is also true for business/thinking. Even just two hours away from your phone can do wonders. You can return refreshed and ready.

How do you remotivate yourself?