Finding out what the customer wants rather than what they are usually given

I was in one of local coffee shops and was pleasantly surprised that they were the first in my neighbourhood to offer bottomless cups. They have realised that the laptop working cofficers want more coffee! So they now allow you to have as many refills as you want in two hours for £6. Perfect.

They also send staff around to tables to offer second drink orders and water , and I have often been in Starbucks wishing I could order a second coffee but am unable to leave me laptop unattended. By having staff walk around they make more money and have a better customer service to offer!

They are also one of the only local coffee shops that allow my dog inside. He is silent and sits on my lap, so no problem at all. This however means if I am on the way to work , with the dog, I always grab my coffee from there.

Is there anything your customer base may prefer but it isn't industry standard?