Finally growing my hair - happy and healthier

Before I went to Viva Las Vegas backin April, I finally felt like my hair had got length to it again, but sadly it was very damaged and snapping off. So as soon as I got home I had a big trim to remove the damage. But I'm finally feeling like my hair has length again! Woohoo. And its healthy this time round!


Yesterday we did a big blowdry set on my hair, very 70s chic.

To sto my hair breaking off I had to stop using straighteners so often. That level of heat regularly on myhair was just causing it to snap. If you leave broken ends, the split just travels up the hair shaft, so when you finally give in to the scissors you'll need more cut off. You really need to trim them off as soon as you have them, to prevent them spreading upwards. Split ends and breaking hair is never a good look.

I've also been using hair treatments, and loving them all! We only offer three hair treatments at the salon, because they are the ones we think can make your hair feel better. However, no treatment repairs split ends - scissors do that ;-)