Filming a documentary about Hurricane Katrina

Recently I headed off to do some filming for channel 5, a documentary about weather. You may be wondering why I'd be taking part in such a show, but oddly I've had some experience with extreme weather. I've been in earthquakes in Kenya, was in South India during the Tsunami, but of most note, I was in Hurricane Katrina.

For anyone who doesn't recall it (although I'm always amazed at how many people do), ten years ago New Orleans was hit by a massive storm, known as Hurricane Katrina. Hurricanes are pretty common in that part of the world, but it soon became obvious that this one was a tad stronger than normal. But what really caused the disaster was the flooding. New Orleans is below sea level, almost in a bowl, and they rely on levees (flood walls) to keep the water away. During the storm, these levees broke.

Anyone left in the city was forced to evacuate to a massive sports arena called The Superdome. What happened in there has become somewhat infamous (is that the right word?). I've shared some of my diaries here,  as well as some follow-on thoughts on the 5 year anniversary.

There were only about 30 British people involved, and the story is still searched for a lot on the internet. I still get a lot of enquires about it all.

Anyhoo, off I went last week to film an interview. This is what I wore.