Filler Tattoos from Harriet at Good Times Tattoo

Finding a regular tattooist is a little like finding a hairdresser - it is such a careful balance of location, price, availability, talent, and personality. I've been tattooed by Harriet at Good Times Tattoo for a while now, and this week I trotted off to see her for some sweet filler action.

I'm a very 'flexible' tattoo collector - I rarely have concrete ideas, and often just enjoy an impulsive choice, or going with what the tattooist prefers.

We spent two hours chatting (lots of catching up to do!) and flicking through ideas for little silly fillers, to try and finish up some areas on my arms.

I ended up with 3 little flowers, a bumblebee, a butterfly, a strawberry and some random text. We tattooed for about 3.5 hours.

The is purposefully rather handwritten and random looking. 

Some of my tattos capture a moment, or a memory, or an emotion. This one is one of those. Most of my new ones are just random decorative choices. It's fun to mix it up, tattoos don't need to mean anything, but they can sometimes; little life signposts.