Fierce Fringes (Banging Bangs)

We've been cutting in some pretty fierce fringes recently; some banging bangs if you will.

Fringes are great for giving a haircut an extra dose of 'style. Yes, they take a bit of extra daily care, and maintenence, but if you've realised a fringe is  for you, they're hard to give up!

I've had a fringe since I was a teenager, and I've never wanted to grow it out. I've had bettie bangs, faux bangs, side swept, longer and shorter, rounded bangs and multicoloured/contrasting fringes.

They must suit my face shape, but I also love them for two main other reasons. Firstly I have the most crazy baby hairs around my hairline I've ever seen. Secondly I have pretty deep set lines in my forehead now, and a fringe covers them without needing to consider botox!

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