Feeling disconnected from your old self

Is it the film sliding doors where she has two separate lives play out? One of those moments when there is a clear fork in the road and you don't know whether to take the path less travelled?

I found some old photos today and I almost feel like there are two parallel ReeRees, the one who taught and the colourful one who started her own business. I find it quite hard to look at the old Ree, not because she was sad, she was actually pretty happy to be honest. Not because she wasn't successful or driven, because she was those things too. 

I just feel almost like that movie, like there were two paths for me, and I chose one, but in making that choice, I became almost a completely different person. I find it hard to believe I was that other girl.

Am I only the one who looks back and feels so disconnected to their 'old' self?

I still feel like a 'teacher' , but it's just such a different life to the one I have now. Early mornings, teaching science, maths, PE, RE, leading assemblies, parents' evenings and phonics. Breaking up fights, detentions and marking. All the marking. What a journey.