Faux Foliage? I love a fake potted plant!

A few years ago I was a school librarian (hence my knuckle tattoos that say READ MORE) and I was in charge of creating a new school library. I needed to order furniture, books, I painted quotes on the walls, and arranged the books in ways that broke librarian code (naughty me). One of my best investments were ordering fake plants and trees, and ever since then I've been a convert to the power of faux foliage.

I still use fake flowers at home and at the salon, and recently I've decided I want to get some plants too. I'm a disaster when it comes to keeping plants alive, but I still love how it changes interior spaces.

Have you ever considered a fake plant?

This one is from John Lewis and costs £8

Again, John Lewis (click pictures for links) for £25

How about something a little larger? This one from Ikea is £35

Argos have this fake wisteria plant for £27.99 if you fancy a pop of the Mediterranean in your home!