Family Traditions at Christmas

Christmases come with so many traditions that we all think are standard until we meet other people, with completely different traditions. Then, when you're a grown up, you get to make all of your own traditions if you'd prefer.

I'm an only child, and come from a 'broken' (hate that term, but I use it somewhat ironically) home, so Christmas involved seeing my cousins (so two Aunts sharing Christmas together), and my step-family. If you have separated parents involved you need to decide who has the kids when, do they have two Christmas dinners, two stockings etc? 

I've always viewed my step-relatives as just extra family members; more people to love me. Family isn't just about blood, family is just who ends up becoming yours. 

The main Christmas tradition that I seem to hold, that seems more rare amongst my friends is opening presents after lunch. I can see the logic to keeps the suspense going all day, and means the children don't get over excited and tired too early. It gives all of the day joy and excitement. As adults, me and my cousins maintain this one with the new children in the family.

We're also a family who get dressed for Christmas. No pyjama lounging for us; it's Sunday best.

What are your main Christmas traditions?