Falling off the wagon doesn't have to feel terrible

I have been struggling with my eating now that it's become dark and wintery. For the past eleven months I've transformed how I eat and I found it pretty easy over the summer to enjoy salads and fruit.

With the dark nights, along with some emotional cravings, I have been losing my battle against the need to nest in binges of carbs. I'm not happy about it.

But winter will always be tough, and I'm not going to beat up myself up over it. I'm still making better choices than I was last year, and we don't get anywhere positive by harbouring negative thoughts.

It can become a classic downfall of healthy eating when we 'fall off the wagon' to just chuck in the towel and than fall even further. "I've ruined the day, so I may as well ruin it even more."

Logically we know this is a silly attitude, yet so many of slip up in this way. So I'm working on acknowledging the choices I was unhappy with, but knowing that I can still make many good choices alongside the less good ones.

I hope I figure out how to lessen my poor winter choices, but if I'm human, and mistakes are ok too. I'm working on being kind to myself too ;-)