Face Tattoos

Over the years, as my skin has become more and more illustrated, the one mantra my mother repeats is "Just don't get a face tattoo," which has been pretty much confirmed by anyone I have dated. My ex also used to add, "But you'd never get your neck done....right?".

They are the final taboo, it seems, for both genders, but definitely still more so for us ladies.

The old school rules of tattooists only doing necks and faces only if you're already fully covered have become relaxed, as the fashions, and the boom of tattoo shop competition means that some artists can't afford to follow an old-fashioned mentality of turning clients away. These placements used to be 'earned', but perhaps are now just seen as adult decisions that anyone with the cash can make for themselves. Tattooists used to be the gatekeeper to those final hurdles, but times have changed.

Anyhow, having been sent some fabulous and fun temporary tattoos from Rosie Wonders, I decided to try one out on my face (given that I already have actual knuckle tattoos).

They're such a sweet idea and I definitely give them as a gift to a niece or nephew! I remember loving temporary tattoos as a kid, despite probably never having ever seen a real life actual tattoo.