Fables by Barrie - Amazing vintage inspired swimwear

I have no clue how or why I have never heard of Fables by Barrie, but just in case I'm not alone, I wanted to share my little discovery with you.

Fables is designed and made in the USA and Barrie seems like a kick arse rockabilly lady working to create a series of mix and match swim wear pieces for the girls who love a vintage inspired look. The ranges also come in plus sizes.

Here are some of my favourites!

I am obsessed with this bikini shape, and Fables seems to have nailed it, creating the same bikini pant in a range of awesome prints.

Shiny peacock print...? Hell yeah.

I love the bow details too.

They even have a full range of Western inspired swimwear. Amazing.

This tuxedo print swimsuit must inspire someone to want to dress up!

I adore this banana print.

You can even get a psychobilly swimsuit in neon pink or green.

I'm also a bit jumpsuit / playsuit / dungarees fan, and they have an ace pair that I'd love to try on. I really like the detailing.