What has 10 sessions with a personal trainer been like?

is a personal trainer worth it

After signing up for my first ever personal trainer in January, I've now hit the 10 session mark. So, 5 hours, and £300 later, what have I learnt so far?

1. Firstly, and perhaps most critically, I've realised that I've never pushed my body as hard as she makes me. This means that when I've been at the gym, I've not been working my body how I should have been. I always knew (and believed) that you needed to lift a weight that was too heavy to lift at the end of the set, however I've realised I was doing this wrong. I think when I used to work out alone, I'd lift a weight that I found hard to lift at the end of maybe set 2 or 3 (of 10-12 reps each). But now I struggle to lift it at rep 8 of set 1. Sometimes I swear out loud at even lifting it up to start. When I'm ready to go to the gym alone again, I'm going to be really stretching myself to lift heavier.

2. I've had 5 weeks of 2x half-an-hour sessions a week. My arms feel different. I can see my calf muscles again. My trainer says I'm fitter, but its hard to tell myself (as she just keeps upping it, so it always feels hard!). 

3. When we go to the gym alone, we tend to gravitate towards the exercises that we find easier, or that we've done before. Its scary trying new moves out in a public place. Having a private training sessions means I've been pushed to try things I've never tried. Targeting muscles I would have usually ignored completely.

4. I've learnt the power of the attempt. My PT asks me to do things that currently I cannot do. However, the failure is still the exercise. So I simply attempt and fail 10 times. If I were in a public gym, I'd be too embarrassed to attempt and fail, so its been interesting having the space to do so. It makes sense really, you have to keep trying, improving and growing, before success will come. I do look rather silly at times!

These sessions were a gift, and clearly most of us cannot afford this sort of training forever, but I'm excited to see where they springboard me to. I'd completely lost my way with my fitness, and had become unfit in a way that was getting me down. I needed a shakedown!