"Excuse the Mess" - How do you greet visitors to your home?

I thought I'd share something I'd noticed recently. More often than not, women apologise for their homes when you visit them, "Oh please excuse the mess!", even when there is no mess to be seen. I've never experienced a man doing the same. They seem to accept that homes are lived in, and rarely resemble a living room from an interior design magazine.

Men don't seem to feel a pressure to have a clean and tidy home, in the same way that women do. I do it, and I'm not even particularly house proud. I've made excuses for things, to defend from any potential thoughts my guest may have of me and my home.

If you think I'm wrong, I'd love to hear from you, but I've never heard a man apologise for not having clean surfaces, or for some dirty clothes in the corner of the bathroom. Women on the other hand, seem to preface any house welcoming with, "Oh please excuse the mess," which prompts a reassuring compliment, "Oh it's lovely, don't worry".

Are we, even as modern and accomplished women, still feeling the pressure to have a perfect home? Historically men have never had these expectations placed upon them, but as women have joined the workforce, they've just acquired new expectations, without losing the old fashioned ones. No wonder we feel we can't have it all.