Everyday Sexism - gender divide at Boots

 I have previously written an open letter to Boots about the sexist, patronising and frankly outdated marketing that they use on their baby products, so I'm surprised at myself for still being shocked at seeing the shelves at Boots today. 

 If you can't read the labels here, they are babies bibs, but one is a pack of 'boys extra wide bibs' while the other is 'girls extra wide bibs'. I'd love to know what exactly are the different requirements that a baby boy has over a baby girl with his bib requirements?

I then walked around, and saw some of the other offerings that Boots gives for babies.

Need a training toilet seat for your toddler? Well you can chose pink or blue. 

Does your toddler need a walking harness? You can buy the pink one for girls, which calls her a little cupcake, or the blue one for boys calling him a traindriver. I'd hate to be the parent of a little girl who wanted to drive a train.....the confusion must be overwhelming. Oh dear.

I have expressed my disgust and boredom at these options in my previous post so I won't repeat myself, but by god, how is this still happening? How is this 2013?

I expect children and baby aisles to look more like this:

When will we move on from these narrow minded blue/pink stereotypes and embrace true choice for our children? As grownups we enjoy a full rainbow of clothing, so why do we insist in supporting these limited viewpoints for our children? I'm so over princess dreams and traindriver expectations being prescribed by gender.