Essentials Magazine and its Everyday Sexism

I have no idea why this sort of sexist bullshit surprises me still, but it does. I bought Essentials magazine (I'm in an article in it!) so I flicked through it's Christmas gift guide. This spread stopped me in my tracks.

Firstly, it's the colours. Have we STILL not moved past this nonsense surrounding colour by gender? 

Secondly, a closer inspection is just as dated and darn right stupid.

The boys get a work bench, whereas the girls get a kitchen. Train those girls up early to do the majority of household chores hey?

The boys get a drum kits, train sets and a scooter. They can play loud! Girls need to be playing quietly and charmingly with their pink pencils, pink cooking apron, and a pink doll's house.

The boys get castles, dinosaurs, spaceships and football. The girls get art equipment, a pink doll and a pink hobby horse.

When on earth will this boring, sexist and out-of-date marketing end? I really had better hopes from a magazine like Essentials. Is that really how we still raise our children? Are we still limiting our boys and girls options in this way?