#ENDEMBARRASSMENT - Campaign to end embarrassment over your own intimate health

words for vagina

This is a sponsored post from Vagisil which I'm happy to promote due to my own history with my unhappy cervix 

If you were worried about your knee, or your eye, or you felt  weird pain in your finger, you'd have no concerns about seeking medical advice. You wouldn't be embarrassed about describing the feelings to your doctor or your friends, in your quest to make it better. Yet our society is still embarrassed about our genitals. When something is wrong down there, we often ignore it, just to avoid talking about it, or having to show someone. Those bits of us are private, and not to be discussed..

Vagisil recently surveyed 2000 women and found almost half found they got embarrassed if the word vagina came up in conversation. Nearly half (the same half I'd imagine!) also said they would be too embarrassed to discuss any issues with their own intimate health with friends and family.

I've found that once me and my friends hit our 30s we've become much more open about our lady gardens (I'm going to use as many synonyms as I can!). I'm pretty aware of my friends' vajajay's heath - which ones regularly have cystitis, thrush, B.V etc. Noo-noos are sensitive things and it's pretty normal to have changes in happiness levels down there. Vagisil's survey agrees, and found that two-thirds of women grew more confident talking about their sweet lips as they grew older.

I've had many many doctors examine my fan-noo-noo since I was 15, as smear tests used to kick in much younger than now, and I've had various cervical issues that have been dealt with. It certainly forced me to become less embarrassed. Doctors treat all parts of our bodies with ease, regardless of whether it's your throat or your clam-shell. It's just a body to them, that they want to make healthy. Read my top 10 tips for a Happy Smear Test here.

If you're worried your fanny looks funny, the secret world of the internet gives you great opportunities to show you that we're all normal. No one will be shocked or disgusted when they visit your downstairs. You could start with the  Vulva Gallery from Channel 4 or the Great Wall of Vagina. If you have any concerns about your intimate health you could check our the videos from Vagisil.

I'd love to hear what words you use when discussing your chuff - tweet me!