End of week 8 - a massive non scale victory

body pump week 9

Today marked the start of week 9, and I'm just checking in with how I'm doing. I don't weigh or measure myself, and my body hasn't visibly changed yet, so these check ins are crucial for motivation.

My major non-scale victory was shocking myself and B with the very best push-up I've ever managed. I've never been able to do one, and I've fiercely wanted to. Due to my back issues my core strength is pretty limited, and I've just never seemed able to make any progress. However, after a jokey challenge from B, I impulsively gave it a go in the kitchen. During Body Pump classes we do push-ups, but I do them on my knees and leaning on the step. So I hadn't really tried an actual official push-up. As I sort of made it down, and back up, we both squealed, as it was clear I was very almost there! I proudly high-fived and felt ready to start week 9 with a bang.

To stay committed and to create motivation, you need to find these noticeable changes and make note of them. I know I'm in the motivation danger zone, as it could feel like I should be seeing more noticeable changes by now, and the novelty of going to the gym 4 times a week wears off.

But as I've said, you just need to just stick it out. Change doesn't take 2 weeks, it takes months. So finding joy in my first almost push up matters, finding joy in how firm my legs feels matters, finding joy in experiencing less back pain matters, and finding joy in my ability to commit matters. The rest will follow.