Ellington the Dog

I don't tend to include my dog Ellington the blog but I know that quite a few people are fond of him, so I thought I'd announce that he was put to sleep today.

I adopted him 2 years ago, as an older dog, and he's certainly been a character. If you've ever met him at Rockalily Cuts you'll know he was grumpy, snappy and a bit odd. But yes, a character.

Having a dog on my own was such a responsibility that I hadn't quite bargained for, but I took my responsibility seriously. I'm not a gushy person, he wasn't my 'baby', but he was mine. He's had a bumpy couple of years but I did my best. His journey ended  today, and it's sad. But I had to be the responsibile adult and make that choice for him. He couldn't make it for himself.

Ellington was on tv, in a magazine and definitely had some fans of his own! My flat certainly feels empty today without his crazy face in it.

Ellington was a right ol' bugger, but he was mine and I did love him. For all of his craziness. His nicknames incuded Smells, Stinky, Crazy Face, Bean Face and Crazy. I'm 95% sure I'd never get a dog ever again, but for my one and only dog, Ellington was perfect for me.


ETA - I have been blown away by the response shown on instagram, facebook and twitter. Thank you for caring about my crazy little dog.