Ed Sheeran in Hammersmith Apollo

It has become a bit of twitter joke how muc I enjoy Ed Sheeran. I saw him at Hackney Weekender, and knew I had to get tickets for his tour.

It seems to be 'cool' to hate Ed Sheeran, but he's just a singer songwriter with a guitar, not sure how anyone can hate someone so inoffensive! You don't have to like him, sure, but to hate a young guy who's worked his arse off to make it?

I like his work ethic, and that he has made hard work pay off. Always an admirable trait.

I went with a lady who hadn't yet seen Ed live, and here was her mini review this morning:

''So. From covering a Nina Simone track, to recording all his own backing vocals on the spot on stage and singing along with them, to getting 5,000 people to all click their fingers in time for the intro to Small Bump, to singing a traditional Irish song with no mike so loud and so clear that we could hear him in the upper circle, Ed Sheeran is awesome live. go see.''

I have always loved a man who can beatbox, and Ed Sheeran has certainly figured out how to create a wall of sound all on his own. He uses his voice like an instrument in ways that many people do not.

I can't wait till he raps more, the crowd go crazy when he adds rap into his songs!