Dress Codes and Loveliness

How much do you have to adapt for work? Do you work with a strict dress code? A uniform? A required hair style? No tattoos or facial piercings? How do you feel about changing your look for work? Do you just accept that you dress one way for work and another for pleasure? Do you actively seek work that allows you to be 'yourself'?

Currently I choose to cover my tattoos as it is appropriate for my workplace. However I am getting a little sick of being so hot. I have my tongue stud in, and although I wear work approrpriate clothes, they still reflect my personality. I wear my usual jewellery, and have a red fringe. I often wear a hair flower or bandana.

Our dress code is about to change. All of the men will now be in ties. We are now required to have a 'professional appearance' with 'well-groomed' hair. We cannot have 'extreme' hair (that's my red fringe out the window I would imagine!). Jewellery must not be 'excessive' or 'unconventional'. The only piercings allowed are earrings. Tattoos must be covered. Shoes must cover our feet; nothing open. No leggings or denim. If we don't comply we can be sent home to change or given a disciplinary.

I understand that all bosses can choose how they want their employees to look. However, employees have the choice whether to work there. How much are you willing to compromise for your job? Do you care what you look like at work?

Have you ever left a job due to dress code issues? Do you believe a boss has the right to dictate how you style your hair?

Now....where's that hair dye.....?