Drastic Colour Changes - Can I change my hair colour?

Here at Rockalily Cuts, we get to do a lot of exciting colour changes, however we do turn a lot of clients away too. So what does a colour change involve, what does it cost, and why might we turn you down?


1. Does a drastic colour change damage your hair? Well it certainly doesn't help it, and the process of removing your old colour has an element of damage to it. It will weaken the hair, and before undertaking any colour removal, we will assess how strong we think you hair is currently. Just because you've been bleaching your hair for years, doesn't mean you can continue doing so. One day that final bleach may be the straw that breaks the camel's back (and your hair).

2. How much is a colour change? Colour changes are not cheap, and the results are not always guaranteed to be exactly what you had hoped for. Sometimes we have to just see how the hair behaves through out the different stages. At Rockalily Cuts a colour change starts at £157, but can be more. We always quote you before hand so that you know what to expect!

3. I want a low maintence colour change - what is the upkeep like? If you chose a bright/bold/fashion colour then there will be a lot of upkeep. These colours are not permanent, and fade pretty quickly. We will give you advice for maintaining the colour, but they do demand quite a bit of attention! They may also stain your bath, your sheets and your clothing! Its a trade off that not everyone is willing to make! I adore my bright hair, but have sacrificed some lovely clothing and coats to it!

4. Why can't I have a big colour change? We love awesomely bright hair, and only say no if we really feel we have to. We aren't willing to risk damaging your hair, and we judge your hair from sight, touch and from knowing its history. Some hair is just too fragile to withstand the colour removal process. If this is the case, we will advise you on other options you may have in the meantime.

We may also suggest other options if we don't think you are willing to suffer from the upkeep needed. We will talk it through with you, and decide together whether you really want a green bath everytime you wash ;-)

5. How long does a colour change take? It varies but it can be anything from 3-5 hours. We may remove colour in two stages, or with two different products. The ends are more fragile than the roots, so we may isolate them and use different strength products for each. We do all of this to maintain as much hair health as we can. It is this expertise and experience that means your outcome should make you smile brightly (to match your new bright hair!).