#MustSeeMenorca - Menorca Slow

staying in menorca

What I've always found most challenging about holidays is the 'relaxing' part. Even the idea of doing nothing makes my anxious.  So pass me the medal, I conquered my fear! I've had some downtime, where I've been reading a book, and generally laying by a pool doing nothing. I have been fitting in a small bit of work. but generally this is the most chilled I have been on holiday for a long time.

wine in menorca
should i go to menorca

I have alwasy felt that if you've spent all that money, and flown all of that way, you should do lots. But this time I really felt it would be good for me, to have a day or two of just not. Of letting my mind wander. Of reading a book.

vineyard in menorca

To provide some balance, in the evening we headed off to Binifadet, a Menorcan vineyard for wine and dinner. A lovely little wander about the vines got us in the mood for some wine. Welll it did me anyhow! 

collectif anchor print dress

Tomorrow will be a more adventurous day, so watch this space to see how well I fare!