Iconic London Pro Evo Sculpt Brush Review

Up until last month I've been a happy 'apply-with-fingers' foundation kind of woman. However, as I've entered the world of more hardcore foundations, I've found the finish just wasn't very good. It would get patchy and separate on my skin, despite moisturising and using a primer.

So I started using a Real Techniques sponge, and have definitely noticed an improvement in application. I got offered an Iconic London Pro Evo Sculpt Brush, and was keen to see if a £32.99 brush would be worth the hype. As ever, this was sent to me, but my opinions are my own.

pro evo brush review

Now, granted, technically this isn't a foundation brush, its a brush for contouring but I'm a rule breaker....so here goes.

I started by applying  some Urban Decay All-Nighter foundation onto my face, ready for buffing in. You can see in this photo my most challenging area - my cheek has a type of acne roscacea, which is a permanent red and bumpy area. I buffed the foundation on, and loved how soft the bristles are.

Ha ha, I got a little carried away, and smudged a lot of my eye makeup with the brush. It is certainly harder to control a large brush rather than a sponge or fingers, but I'm sure I won't make the error in judgement again!

I applied my eyebrows and blush and I'm good to go. I was really happy with the application. It made the cream have an almost powder appearance (which I like). It didn't clump, and was really quick to use. I'm going to use it for a few days, see how it wears, and how easy it is to keep the brush clean. So watch this space, I'll add some more notes in a few days!