Don't google me - a peril of modern dating

One of the modern perils of dating is that we are now 'googleable' - particularly if you have any online presence in social media, or even just a open profile on facebook.

I've been blogging for years, uploading photos of myself daily, and sharing my life with the internet with most of its twist and turn. I love what I do, and of course I only share what I'm comfortable sharing, but I still feel very uncomfortable if a date googles me.

When a date asks me what I do for a living I always get all awkward. Which of course makes it seem more interesting and more google-worthy. Yet I'm not comfortable out and out lying. The girls at work tease me for drunkenly asking people not to google me (because what makes you want to google someone more than that?!), but I really appreciate them staying away from the keyboard. It was actually one thing I really respected about my ex-boyfriend. He said he never googled me (before dating or during) and I believe him.

It isn't because I'm ashamed or embarrassed of what I put out into the world, far from it, just that it makes the act of discovery an unbalanced journey. When you start dating someone, part of the fun is unwrapping the layers of people's personality and stories that make them who they are. You get to tell your own narrative at your own pace. If your story is published online, and your other half doesn't even understand what instagram is, the scales feel a bit off.

Have you experienced the 'Please don't google me' fear?