Doing my own web design and getting updated Peek feedback

Peek tests are free user testing videos, available to anyone, where a stranger opens your site and uses it. You hear their verbal feedback and this isn't the first one I've braved. One from about a year and a half ago is here, with an older site design I wasn't happy with. 

So I changed my web design a lot this year so I figured it was time to brave the random feedback once again. Luckily, I'm really proud of this feedback - phew. It was frustrating when it suggested something that I already had, but the cookies pop up covers that element. I was so relieved he realised nearer the end! I hate that the law now says you need a cookie pop up, it's already such an outdated concept.  But this video has made me want to move the location of the pop up box, I've added that to my to-do list

I do the web building and design for Rockalily myself, and over the 4 and a half years of being self employed I'd like to think I've learnt a lot along the way. My random peek test dude ends the evaluation with "You guys have a really really good website," and I smiled. So thank you random peek tester, you made my evening.