Doesn't vintage and rockabilly hair take ages to do?

People often worry that wearing your hair in a vintage or rockabilly style is too time consuming each morning. I was rather pleased with my victory rolls this morning (much higher in position and more symmetrical than usual), and it got me thinking about whether victory rolls are more effort than other people's hairstyles.

Victory rolls need dirty hair. If you hair is clean, you'll need loads of product (to make it dirty) and so I don't need to wash and dry it it in the morning like many other people do. I actually didn't need any extra product this morning, not even hairspray!

Initially, when you start trying to learn hairstyles like this, the practise is time consuming. But once you start to crack it (and we're all always striving to get better and better!) it really takes the same amount of time as most people's hair does. Promise!