Does Lego have to be Pink for Girls?


Does Lego have to be pink for girls?


So, Lego seemingly had to focus more on boys to recover their sales, and are now ready to target the girls with a range called Lego Friends. 

''Linger for a few more minutes and you’ll notice not just the staggering array of Lego offerings—545 in the last year—but an absence. “They might as well have a No Girls Allowed sign,” says Peggy Orenstein, author of Cinderella Ate My Daughter, a fierce, funny investigation of the toy industry’s multibillion-dollar exploitation of the “princess phase,” which consumes girls at age 3 or 4. Orenstein is right.

from Business Week

This quote saddens me a little as does the whole article in Business Week.  The whole thing saddens me.

As a young girl, I would say that I happily flipped between 'boy' toys and 'girl' toys. I loved lego and playmobile, and I also loved Sindy. I was happy climbing the tree in my garden and playing in the dirt, but equally as excited to play shop. Never did I need pink lego. My favourite playmobile toy was the ambulance, since when does an ambulance have a gender?

“If it takes color-coding or ponies and hairdressers to get girls playing with Lego, I’ll put up with it, at least for now, because it’s just so good for little girls’ brains,” says Lise Eliot.

from Business Week

I just don't buy it. I'm sorry, I just don't. Perhaps we need to educate ourselves, the adults more than the children. When its our daughters', nieces', grandchildren's presents what do we buy and why? Are we teaching our girls that they shouldn't play with red and yellow lego by the choices we make when spending our cash?

I'm scared at what we are teaching our girls, in a way that just didn't feel as extreme 20 years ago. 

Do we really need pink lego to make more girls play with it? Or even if we do, should I even care? Am I over reacting? Are girls only interested in playing with princesses, hairdressing and ponies? If they are, is this because we have made it so?

Perhaps we just need to buy more regular lego and give it to our girls?