Does Head and Shoulders really strip colour?

does head and shoulders strip colour

We advise people to use Head and Shoulders (or washing up liquid) to strip colour all the time. It's long been the advice of hairdressers and the internet. I've also enjoyed a lot of videos on youtube that show different quality shampoos being pitted against each other. So I wanted to give it a go. It didn't go as expected....

I coloured 4 blonde samples using La Riche Directions, which is the semi-permanent colour we use the most for rainbow and mermaid colours. I used Head and Shoulders, a cheap Alberto Balsam and the salon L'Oreal colour shampoo we tend to use in the salon at the backwash.

I took as much care as I could to wash and rinse each sample in the same way, and they probably got washed about 8 times.

testing different shampoos

From left to right: The unwashed comparison sample. Head and Shoulders. Alberto Balsam. L'Oreal. THEY FADED THE SAME.

I returned to some of the videos on the internet, to work out why I didn't get the results they'd led me to expect. Most of them seem to judge the colour loss by the colour of the water, which for many reasons, isn't really worth doing. All that matters is the colour left in the hair. steps for me. I want to compare another salon quality shampoo, to see if it provides any different results. Perhaps I need to try a permanent colour, rather than a semi-permanent. Perhaps semis just fade the same amount, regardless of product. Or perhaps, old ReeRee was right, it's all just a marketing this space.