Do women dress to attract men? Do men think we do?

I'm ReeRee and I have blue hair, crazy vintage glasses, tattoos all over my body, weird vintage clothes and flat shoes. 

Today I received this message from a guy on an online dating site. 

"what a good looking bird you are..knock the ink darling...most guys hate it x"

This guy looked pretty reasonable, but yet it has to be one of the most dumb messages I have received via online dating (of the many I have got!!). Usually I get an ignorant message, or a sleazy one. But this is the first one which is a perfect blend of sexism dripping with a patronising tone finished up with a dollop of ignorance.

The messages don't usually bother me, but this one did (and twitter definitely agreed with me!). Firstly, at what point did I ask his opinion? Secondly, when did we start calling women 'birds' again? Have we fallen back into the 1970s? Thirdly, when was he elected the spokesperson for most men? I am far far more than the tattoos I have had, most men I meet can see that. Lastly.....that final kiss, as if he is doing me some awesome favour by helping me out with some kind advice. I'll book myself into the laser removal clinic straight away shall I?!

If I wanted to dress to please what I thought most men find most attracive, I certainly wouldn't look the way I do. I wouldn't wear the clothes that Grandmothers wear, and I wouldn't have blue hair. I'd maybe have a discrete tattoo someplace, and hurt my back wearing high heels. 

I dress the way I dress because I like how it makes me feel. I don't recall asking for anyone's permission.