Do our soft bits really matter? - Love me, Love my love handles!

It amazes me sometimes, how much time we commit to thinking about our bodies. Perhaps our thighs are fine when standing, but not sat down (they squash over the chair seat). Or our bellies are ok when standing (even better in heels) but definitely not sat down (it folds!). If a partner's hand strays down to your softer areas do you jerk back in a private panic?

When you fancy someone, what is it you fancy about them? Is it their gorgeous face, that when it breaks into a smile you feel it in your belly? Is it how they make you laugh? That they make you feel special? Safe? Their lovely hands? Arms? That they challenge you? At what point does the softness of their belly come into it?

When you have sex with someone, if they have a soft belly, or arms, or thighs, does it make you want to stop? Or are you just enjoying the moment, with someone you're enjoying? 

If you are with someone who likes you, they generally just like you. You are enough just as you are, and if you aren't, I promise being a bit firmer wouldn't really change it.  If you are softer round the edges, they probably quite like it. Soft can be nice!

And you know what isn't nice.....being with someone who doesn't like their body.