Do our own 'truths' hold us back from progression?

before and after 10 months healthy eating.jpg

I was reflecting on my fitness progress after I somehow shaved 21 seconds off my personal best for running 2K.

Since changing my lifestyle habits and choices in January this year, I've contemplated why it took me to the age of 30 to figure out how to just stop making poor choices.

What changed in January? I think I was somehow finally honest with myself. Finally just losing the bullsh*t that I fed to myself as lies and false beliefs.

one year apart.jpg

When I was larger (I know I was never obese, but definitely carried more weight than I should, I ate terribly, and never exercised) I had some falsehoods that I 'believed' about myself.

I believed that my body was naturally a size 12/14. 

I believed that I didn't want to make the sacrifices to my lifestyle that would be required to be slimmer.

I believed that I had the choice between happy and rounder, or more miserable and smaller.

I believed that I would miss the junk foods, and not enjoy the healthier options.

I believed that the way I felt about my body was largely controlled by my thoughts.

I believed that I would somehow be falling into the media's trap of perusing slimness and that by staying the same size I was 'winning' against the system.

I believed I'd fail if I tried to get fit or smaller.

I believed these things, but it doesn't mean they were true. I finally owned up to myself, that things wouldn't change unless I changed. Seems so simple, but yet isn't, hey?!

Similarly, in business, I think we need to honestly reflect on our own practices occasionally. Do you really work as effectively as you could, or are you addicted to the reward of felling/seeming 'busy'? Do you really work 5 hours a night like you believe you do? Or is it sandwiched between 3 soap operas and dinner? Sometimes the false beliefs hold us back from moving forward, as they create barriers to progression.

I used to work hard on accepting my body (and blogged about it too!) and not allowing ourselves to hate our physical selves that were fine the way they were. They were functional and that was fine. However, for me, it was another excuse. It was excuse that stopped me getting fitter, healthier, and yes of course, a bit smaller. 

Do you hold any falsehoods about yourself that deep down, perhaps aren't as true as you may have thought?