Do I really get paid to do this?! Fabulous function

What an amazing way to return to the world of backstage burlesque. After a break from the role of stage managering/knicker picking I had the pure pleasure of working at a private party this evening.

Private parties can be a mixed bag, depending on whose party it is. This one was simply fabulous. It was a wedding do and had such a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The crowd was a mix of family and friends and they were all up for a good time.

Now, I don't give praise unless I believe it to be true. This post may seem like a load of ego stroking but I promise I would rather say nothing than lie.

Des O'Connor was the usual success as host, leading the crowd with his original songs and ukelale playing.

Chavarella (Kiki Kaboom) went down a storm. The choice of music is particularly genius as it isn't too 'obvious'.

Ginger Blush (Best Solo UK performance 2010) performed twice, both os which were a joy to watch. I particularly like the 'Blush the Builder' routine.

A new act for me was Wes Zaharuk. Seemingly he was the king of 'random' and had the crowd in stiches. His props included a hoover and leaf blower. You try and figure it out.

I have enjoyed working with Amber Topaz before, but have only seen as a singer and host. Her burlesque certainly didn't disappoint and lived up to her usual high standard. One to watch.

When I heard we had a belly dancer I wasn't sure what to expect, as it can suffer from being a little 'samey'. Leah Debrincat could never be accused of being samey. It was so beautifully to watch.

Similarly, hulahoop acts can find it different to separate themselves from the crowd. Kalki Hula Girl manages it.

Kiki Kaboom's second act is one of my favourite acts of all time as it really represents burlesque in its truest sense. It is pure parody and tells a clear story. If you haven't seen her 'Judy, Judy, Judy' act; track it down.

The finale was the one and only Frisky and Mannish. Freaking hilarious and have the crowd roaring every single time. The perfect way to start a party.

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